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About Us

The Trustees of The New Castle Common is a most unusual organization.

It is unique within Delaware and perhaps the entire United States. The Trustees have a fascinating history as old as New Castle, because the 'Common' land has existed since the days of early Dutch colonization.

In 1701, William Penn surveyed and formally recognized 1,068 acres which were already being used as a common. By the middle of that century, it became apparent that overseers were needed to protect and preserve the common lands for the benefit of all. A trust was incorporated in 1764, and a body of thirteen Trustees appointed for life terms to act as stewards of the land.

About thirty years ago these terms were reduced to twelve years. For over 250 years the mission has remained the same: to manage the common lands responsibly and for the benefit of the citizens of New Castle. Today, Trust income is derived primarily from property leases and investments.

There are thirteen Trustees Board members. They meet regularly on the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) in the conference room at 807 Frenchtown Road. The Board accomplishes its work through a number of working committees.



Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from September to June except for September and January, when they may be shifted to the second week, depending on when Labor Day and New Years Day falls.


The meetings location is the conference room at the Penn Farm, 807 Frenchtown Road, New Castle.


Our meeting on September 5, 2023 at 7:00 PM is open to the public. To submit a question or comment to be discussed at the meeting please send it to the Trustees email:

Special meetings dates will be announced in the New Castle Weekly.


President: Christopher DeAscanis
Vice President: (open)
Secretary: Michael J. Alfree, Sr.
Assistant Secretary: Thomas A. Episcopo
Treasurer: Fred G. Gallagher, Jr.
Assistant Treasurer: Thomas H. Wilson, Jr.

Current Trustees

Michael J. Alfree, Sr.

David A. Baldini

Marsha A. Corcoran

Christopher DeAscanis

Francis DeAscanis, Jr.

Thomas A. Episcopo

Fred G. Gallagher, Jr.

Tina Masiello

Peter J. Toner
Thomas H. Wilson, Jr.

Gregory T. Yacucci

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