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Grants and Scholarships

The Trustees annually award community grants to local organizations, and education scholarships to local students.

Community Grants

Community grants are evaluated by the Outreach Committee and voted on by the entire Board of Trustees. Applications must be completed and received in the Trustees’ office on or before December 31 of each calendar year. The current Community Grant application due  by December 31, 2022 can be found here

Education Scholarship

The applicant must be a full time resident of the City of New Castle. If the applicant is a dependent, the parent or guardian must also be a full time resident of the City of New Castle. Fall 2023 applications must be completed and received in the Trustees office by July 5, 2023.

An applicant must be a high school graduate who is entering or attending an accredited undergraduate college or university as a full-time student in the upcoming Fall semester 2023. A high school applicant must have a letter of acceptance from a college or university.

Funded applicants from previous years who continue to be a student in good standing are invited to re-apply for scholarship funding each year.

The 2023 Fall Semester application and instructions in PDF format can be obtained by clicking here.

The 2023-2024 mid-year scholarship application will be found here on this site by November 2023.

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