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Election of Trustees, Voting

The Trustees of The New Castle Common has thirteen elected Board members. Board members serve for a term of 12 years.

Qualifications to be a candidate are as follows:


  1. Be a qualified voter,

  2. Be twenty-five (25) years of age on or before the first voting date of the election,

  3. Be a resident of the City of New Castle for at least two (2) years preceding the first voting date of the election.

  4. The date by which the candidate application must be received in the office by close of business will be announced here prior to the next regular election.

To become a candidate you must apply at the Trustees of the New Castle Common office located at 807 Frenchtown Road, at Penn Farm. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. There is a $100 non-refundable filing fee.

The Trustees are a separate entity from the City of New Castle administration.
Trustee elections are held separately from City and General elections.

To vote in a Trustee election you must be registered on the Trustees voter list, which is an independent voter list, separate from City, State, or Federal registration. To qualify you must be at least 18 years of age and have been a resident of the City of New Castle for at least one year prior to the election date. Presenting a copy of your driver's license showing your City of New Castle residence and another form of proof (MSC bill) confirming residency of one year or more, shows that you meet the residency qualification. Use the link below to print and complete the registration form. Mail copies of 1) driver's license, 2) MSC bill, and the completed registration form to Trustees, P.O. Box 427, Historic New Castle, DE 19720 or email all three documents to New registrations will be accepted in person at the Trustees' office during normal business hours. New registrations will also be accepted on Election day at the voting location up to the end of voting.

Remember, to vote you must show your driver's license.

When elections are to held, early voting at the Penn Farm office will be available on dates and times to be announced here. Evening voting may also be available at Penn Farm on dates and times to be announced here.

Mail-in voting will be offered. Please call the Trustees' office to request a mail-in ballot. Ballots, once available from the printer, can also be picked up at the Trustees' office during normal Trustee office hours. The deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot will be announced here.

Registration form:  Click here to open a PDF version of the Voter's Registration Form

For additional information leave a message at the Trustees office at 302-322-2809, extension 1, or send an email to You may also stop by the office during normal business hours (see hours on the Contact Us page).


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